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  3. Xcel Sherco

    Sherburne County Generating Plant Air Permit - Public Notice

    Public notice period for the Xcel Energy – Sherburne County Generating Plant air permit will begin tomorrow. Read on...
  4. Odd-Even Watering

    Due to the dry conditions, the City’s wells need your help

    Watering restrictions are in place from Memorial Day to Labor Day Read on...
  5. Prof Pic

    Becker Farmers Market to begin May 29th

    Buy local at the market and spread the word Read on...
  6. tree-trimming-940x520

    Trim Trees in the Right-of-Way

    In the past, the City has performed these duties at no cost to the resident. Please note that as of the beginning of 2020, the City will now be charging residents for this service. Read on...
  7. Frontage Road and Infrastructure in Becker 1

    (UPDATE 4/7/2020) Frontage Road (Energy Drive) and Infrastructure in Becker

    If you are a Becker citizen, you may have noticed a lot of construction work going on in the industrial park in Becker. Read on...
  8. BNSF Becker

    BNSF Certification Boosts Business Prospects

    Becker is the first community to be certified in Minnesota. Read on...
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