Building Permits / Inspections

Metro West Inspection Services work on an outdoor projectNotice

As we will be closing City Hall off to public access starting March 23rd until further notice, I wanted to provide some direction for how permitting/inspections will be handled for now.

Permit applications may be emailed to us at, mailed, or placed in the dropbox inside City Hall (labeled building permit dropbox). Large plan sets, such as home plans, still need to be dropped off at City Hall with a digital version emailed.

Permits will be processed as usual with the expectation that they may take a bit longer than usual due to changes in internal procedures to ensure employee health and safety. 

After permit review/issuance, staff will inform applicants of fees as usual. Fee may be mailed or paid over the phone with a credit card. To pick up paid permits, staff will place the paid permit in the building permit pick-up box inside City Hall or small plan sets may be emailed. Please remember to wash/sanitize hands after handling any submittals. 

As of now, inspections will continue as usual. To schedule an inspection, call Metro West at 763-479-1720.

This is all very fluid and may change in the near future as the situation progresses. Some people will be upset about a change in processes but we feel this is the best move for this unprecedented time. We will do our best to provide our usual high-quality service in as timely a manner as we can.

Thanks, Marie Pflipsen

Metro West Inspection Services

  • For general questions, call 763-479-1720 or contact City Hall at 763-200-4239.
  • To schedule an inspection for an existing permit, call 763-479-1720.
  • To email digital versions of the permit application and supporting documents, please email us .