Election Judges

Election Judges

Election judges are essential to our democracy! Election judges staff polling places, administer election procedures, and ensure the rights of voters are protected on Election Day. Persons may take time off from work to be an election judge by providing an employer at least 20 days written notice. Employers may reduce pay by the amount earned as an election judge during time away from work. Each year the city needs approximately 12 election judges and three to four alternate election judges for the Primary and General election. 
To be eligible, candidates must:
  • Be eligible to vote.
  • Be able to read, write, and speak English.
  • Not be the spouse, parent, child, or sibling of another election judge serving in the same precinct.
  • Cannot be a spouse, parent, child, or sibling of a candidate on the ballet in the same precinct.
  • Take required paid training. (Training is now online and may be completed at home!)
  • Election judges earn $10.00 per hour.

Judges must be appointed by Resolution of the City Council.  This is typically completed by the end of May each election year.  If you are interested in being an election judge or have questions, please stop by City Hall, 12060 Sherburne Ave SE, Becker, MN 55308 or call 763-200-4239. 

  1. Marilyn Danielson

    Deputy Clerk/Special Projects

  2. Julie Blesi

    City Clerk