Sherco I & II Decommissioning

Sherburne County Generating Station (Sherco)

Sherco is a three unit coal fired power plant located within the City of Becker.  The plant has a combined capacity of 2500 megawatts making it the largest power plant in the State.  With the changes to environmental laws at the State and Federal level,  Xcel Enegry submitted their Upper Midwest Resource Plan 2016 - 2030 - Preferred Plan (IRP) to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  The IRP proposed the shutdown of Sherco Units I and II in 2026 and 2023 respectively and building a 750 megawatt natural gas power plant on the existing site. The PUC recently approved the decommissioning of Sherco Units I & II but are still in discussion regarding the construction of a new natural gas power plant.  Check back often for informational updates. 

Informational Updates

  • Regional Vice President for Xcel Energy, Laura McCarten, discusses issues affecting the St. Cloud Area -  KNSI - Ox in the Afternoon - October 26, 2016.  Click on the video below to hear the interview.

  • PUC approved the decommissioning of Sherco Units I and II - October 13, 2016.