Licensing and Permits

Liquor Licenses

Liquor Licenses are required by state statute to sell liquor within the City of Becker.   City Ordinances governing liquor can be found in Chapter 5 Alcoholic Beverages Licensing and Regulation. Please choose the correct application for your needs below. If you have any questions please call City Hall at 763-200-4239.

New Licenses (On-Sale / Off Sale)

Temporary / One Day Permits*

    *For temporary / one day permit fees refer to the Fee Schedule

Peddlers, Transient Merchants and Solicitors

All Peddlers, Transient Merchants and Solicitors are required to be either licensed by or registered with the City of Becker prior to doing any business within City limits.  Please refer to the Application / City Code for a detailed description of Peddlers, Transient Merchants and Solicitors and the laws that apply to each.  

Peddlers, Transient Merchants and Solicitors Currently Licensed or Registered with the City

Residents may request to see a license or registration for any Peddler, Transient Merchant or Solicitor.  A valid license or registration issued by the City will have a raised seal on it.  Below is a list of those individuals who have registered with the City.  If you have any concerns please contact the Police Department at 763-200-4267.

Business Name   Individual Registered Product Selling Type Expires
Edward Jones    Matthew Kenneth Feuling  Financial Services Solicitor  1/1/20
Re/Max   Dan Prehn Real Estate Services Solicitor 3/31/20