Building Permits / Inspections


Permit applications may be emailed to us at, mailed, or dropped off at City Hall. Large plan sets, such as home plans, still need to be dropped off at City Hall with a digital version emailed. To email digital versions of the permit application and supporting documents, please email us.

The City of Becker has hired a new building official, Mark Lucht.  Effective as of March 8th, 2023, all permits for properties within the City of Becker will be reviewed and inspected by the City Building Official.  Any permits in process before this date will still be inspected by Metro West Inspections.  

To schedule an inspection, contact City Hall Staff at 763-200-4239. 

  1. Mark Lucht Web

    Mark Lucht

    Building Official/Fire Marshal

  2. Caryn Dunderi Web

    Caryn Dunderi

    Administrative Support Specialist