Community Development

Welcome to the City of Becker!

The Community Development staff is here to provide professional guidance and assistance with any residential or business project. We look forward to working with you to make the City of Becker an inviting and engaging community. 

Have a planning and zoning question? Feel free to email the City Planner.


The Community Development Department does the following:

  • Enforces the City’s zoning and subdivision ordinances
  • Helps residents and landowners through the development process and ensures that development occurs in compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Implements and pursues the goals within the City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Monitors and compiles demographic information and works on short and long-range planning activities
  • Promotes the development of Becker


Planning includes reviewing the following:

  • Ordinance amendments
  • Site plans
  • Subdivision plats

Departments Within Community Development

The Community Development Department is comprised of the following departments:

 Highway 10/1st Street Corridor

The City of Becker developed and adopted a vision and plan for guiding the transformation of the Highway 10/1st Street Corridor into an attractive, vibrant, sustainable mixed-use corridor, recognized by the community as a great place to shop, work, live and entertain.

Visit the Highway 10/1st Street Corridor Plan Plan to learn more about this project.

The Highway corridor was also the topic of a recent transportation study that provides City Council and staff options on how to better connect portions of the city to arterial roadways.