City Administrator

The City Administrator is directly responsible to the City Council for the operation of the entire city including the oversight of a $9 million budget, which includes 6 departments and 250 employees as outlined in our city-wide organization chart.


  • He provides leadership, vision, guidance and direction to a diverse city services operation.
  • He serves in a highly visible capacity as an ambassador for the community and to other governmental agencies.
  • He maintains a professional understanding of all city functions and their operations and ensures they efficiently and effectively deliver core and quality of life services.

General Responsibilities

The City Administrator is responsible for developing an annual budget which identifies the level of service required to meet community expectations. He is also extensively involved with a wide variety of economic development activities:
  • City budget and financial planning
  • Community relations
  • Council support and relations
  • General administration
  • Human resources and labor relations
  • Intergovernmental relations
  • Organizational development
  • Oversight of boards and commissions
  • Performance measurement
  • Policy research and implementation
  • Strategic planning