Available Properties

Available Commercial Properties

The City owned commercial lots located just off of Highway 10 in Becker's T-Town zoning district are currently going through the plat process, so the exact lot size will be determined soon. The properties are adjacent to a recently constructed parking lot and storm retention. The parcels are shown on the below exhibit.​​** Lot B is pending sale. Lot A is still available. **​Permitted uses include: offices, medical and dental offices, shops and general retail, and personal services such as barber and beauty shops. Conditional uses include: restaurants and cafes, recreational entertainment, second floor residences, outside eating establishments, and printing and publishing shops.​

All sales will be finalized upon the City obtaining a recordable description of the listed property. In considering offers for the parcels, applicants will need to identify a time certain for development of the lots in a specific manner consistent with its zoning designation. Lots not developed in the identified time will be subject to return to the City for the purchase price, less the earnest money identified in the purchase agreement. Sale will also be conditioned upon a provision providing that in a subsequent sale within ten years of closing, the owner will be required to notify the City of any sale price below the then identified taxable property value and the City will be afforded the opportunity to re-purchase the property for the below taxable property value sale price.​​

Feel free to contact Jacob Sanders, Community Development Director, with any questions.


Shovel Ready Property

The 35 acre industrial development site, owned by the City of Becker Economic Development Authority, has achieved a certification of “Shovel Ready” for development, by the State of Minnesota Shovel Ready Certification Program, Schneider Consulting through Xcel Energy, and BNSF. Property is available for $1.80/sq. ft. 

Sites certified under the Shovel Ready program have had all of the planning, zoning, surveys, title work, environmental studies, soils analysis and public infrastructure engineering completed prior to the site being offered for sale. Shovel Ready sites are attractive to companies and site selectors because the completed front-end analysis and investigation greatly reduces their risk by eliminating most of the unknowns from the site selection decision. These proactive measures increase the speed and predictability of getting the land developed, the building constructed and the business up and running. The City of Becker’s Shovel Ready property, referred to as the Becker Industrial Rail Park site, has direct access via City owned spur to the BNSF Railroad and is located along Minnesota Highway 10.

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