Street and Trail Projects

2024 Street and Trail Improvement Projects

These improvements are proposed for 2024 and can change based on the bid process and final approval by Council. Please click the link below to veiw the proposed project areas.  

2024 Street and Trail Improvement Projects    

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2023 Street and Trail Improvement Projects

2022 County Road 53 Street & Utility Improvements

  • Joint project with Sherburne County
  • Extend water and sewer service across the Sherco site and along Cty Rd 53 up to County Road 8.
  • Old pavement was removed.
  • Street was redesigned and will be repaved.
  • Project will be substantially completed by the end of summer 2023.
  • Contractor: RL Larson


Business Park Pump Station Improvements

  • Utility work including the installation of a new lift station in the Business Park.
    • Removal of lift stations 6 and 10.
    • Installation of a new force main that will carry wastewater from the new lift station to the wastewater treatment facility.
  • Pavement replacement on portions of Industry Avenue, Sherburne Avenue, Bank Street (Oakview to Sherburne Avenue), and Oakview Avenue.
  • Project to start in 2023.
  • Contractor:  RL Larson


County Road 53 to Edgewood Trunk Water Main Improvements

  • Addition of 18” water main to loop the water supply system from the Business Park to the other side of Hwy 10.
    • Make connections at County Road 53, Energy Drive, 1st Street, and Edgewood Street.
    • Project consists of the installation of over 12,000 lineal feet of water pipe.
  • Project to start spring 2023.
  • Contractor:  LaTour Construction


2023 Bituminous Street Improvements

  • Road work including full depth reclamation and paving.
    • Sidewalk and curb work as needed in project area.
  • Areas being addressed in this project are:
    • Brant Avenue and Brant Court
    • Forrest Drive (from Brant Avenue to Parkview Drive)
    • 3rd Street (from Edgewood Street to Brenda Boulevard)
    • Brenda Boulevard (from Edgewood Street to 3rd Street)
    • Prairie Road
    • Dawson Court
    • Morning Dove Drive
    • Meadowlark Boulevard and Meadowlark Court
    • Becker Community Center north parking lot
    • Becker Athletic Complex entrances are being paved
    • Curb work in front of the old fire hall site.
  • Project will begin summer 2023.