Sidewalk/Snow Plowing Process Change 2019/2020


Sidewalk/Snowplowing Process Change 

 The City of Becker Streets Department has been diligently preparing for the 2019-2020 snow plowing season. Part of this preparation was assessing and then determining the most efficient and effective process for the clearing of sidewalks to ensure the safety of Becker Residents.

Every owner or occupant of each residence within the City of Becker is held accountable for clearing the full width of the sidewalk of snow and ice within 48 hours following the termination of any snow event or the formation of ice from any cause.  If a new snow or ice event occurs, before the 48 hour window from the last event has expired, a new 48 hour timeframe starts.

Thank you for your part in ensuring the City sidewalks will be cleared within this specified time frame to aid in the safety of residents throughout the City of Becker.  

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns surrounding this matter at 763-200-4275.